GSI Web Service

There are several situations in which it is desirable to quantify the degree of exclusive association among observations in groups that are represented on a tree. For example, in the context of evolutionary biology, quantifying the degree of genealogical sorting and allelic histories is important for assessing the degree of differentiation of species and populations or subpopulations, and is essential for understanding the conservation status and priority of particular organisms. The genealogical sorting index (Cummings, Neel, and Shaw 2008), or gsi, quantifies the historical relationships among groups for any genealogy to enable novel insight into the evolutionary process. It is intuitive, simple, and easily calculated. The software that calculates the genealogical sorting index and measures its significance is made freely available.

Here we provide a web service for GSI version 0.92. GSI analyses submitted through this web interface run on a grid system at the University of Maryland known as The Lattice Project.

To begin, go to the Create Job page and upload a rooted tree file containing only representatives for groups you wish to analyze. The file must be in Newick (Phylip) or Weighted Newick format, which is a common tree format produced by many programs, and may contain at most 100 trees. Also, be sure the file contains only plain text!

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