GARLI Web Service

Here we provide a web service for GARLI version 2.0, a maximum-likelihood phylogenetic analysis program developed and maintained by Derrick Zwickl. GARLI analyses submitted through this web interface run on the University of Maryland grid system, known as The Lattice Project. If you would like to participate by running these GARLI jobs on your own computing resources, please connect to our BOINC project.

If you use the GARLI web service in your research, we would really appreciate a citation. We maintain a list of publications that have used the grid system; if your publication should be listed, please let us know!

The GARLI web service allows the user to submit up to 2000 best tree searches or bootstrap replicates in one submission. You will gain additional functionality if you register for an account on molecularevolution.org and submit jobs as a logged-in user. For example, you will be able to upload and reuse input files, bypass the captcha when you submit jobs, and access advanced job management features.

The latest release of the GARLI web service includes a "guided mode" for specifying partitioned analyses, which should hopefully make this task easier in some cases. If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us; our email addresses are in the footer.